About Clouds of Vape


Smoking has become a way of life for many of us. What probably started off as a fad or a desire to seek a form of adventure during our growing up years, had slowly but steadily embraced us in a vice like grip over a period of time. This habit or say, a pastime got even more entrenched in our minds when we saw seniors, movie and sports stars holding the cigarette butt and creating smoking halos around them. With the passage of time even though we continued our love affair with cigarettes, which made us feel romanticising about life, de-stress or a sense of bravado, we came to know for sure that we had entered a trap.

Smoking – the trap

We call it a trap - for notwithstanding the harmful effects of cigarette smoking and its powerful ingredients like nicotine, tar, phenols, benzene, cadmium, carbon monoxide, lead, arsenic, and many more - on us or our loved ones (through passive smoking), we are not able to kick the habit or what has truly become an addiction. Thus, while knowingly spiralling down into an abyss of certain harm, we wonder aloud, is there a way out?

The answer is a certain YES, a way where you need not kick the cigarette butt at all but on the contrary, continue to smoke with renewed vigour. The only difference this time will be – instead of smoking harmful chemicals you would do it with vapour consisting of less harmful glycerine, water, propylene glycol, flavourings, and not necessarily nicotine – through smoking e-cigarettes or vaping.

What is an e-cigarette?

It’s an electronic device consisting of a tiny battery and an atomiser that mimics a normal cigarette and produces vapour out of heating a liquid. The liquid may or may not contain nicotine but helps you to continue smoking with insignificant risks. This is arguably the best way you can literally kick the butt without putting you or your family in harm’s way. As a connoisseur of electronic cigarettes you would prefer to call yourself a ‘vaper’ instead of the commonplace, ‘smoker’. Vaping or smoking e-cigarettes has caught on in the US and Europe in a big way, thanks to a greater understanding of the dangers of smoking real cigarettes.

Benefits of vaping or smoking e-cigarettes

As discussed above, vaping is an alternative to smoking wherein you inhale or exhale vapours consisting of less harmful aerosols instead of the toxic tar compounds in real cigarettes. So, if you are an experienced smoker who finds it difficult to kick the habit but at the same time is aware of its dangerous consequences – to you and your loved ones, embracing vaping or smoking e-cigarettes should be the best thing for you.)